Mushroom supplements Let the nature make you shine

Personalized dietary supplements made of organic medicinal mushrooms

science of mycotherapy for unique you

Experience true wellbeing based on your unique personal profile

ethically sourced from pristine highlands

100% natural, vegan, eco-friendly products for your vibrant health

Enjoy personalized blends crafted on the basis of an online health questionnaire.

Experience first noticeable effects within days, for chronic conditions within a few weeks

Benefit from an optional complimentary phone consultation with a certified mycotherapist

A health solution as unique as your DNA

With three billion DNA pairs governing our individual traits, why trying to make yourself fit a standardized market offering? Let your supplement be personalized for you instead. At Omphoria, we apply human-based diagnostics founded upon deep expertise in physiology and psychology to tailor the optimal supplement for you.

Medicinal mushrooms are emerging at the fore of modern approaches to health optimization. Beyond preventing and alleviating stress, anxiety, cognitive fatigue, physical exhaustion and insomnia, these powerful adaptogens can address countless other symptoms and thus become your ideal companion for any life journey.

Tell us how you feel, leave the rest to us

Health questionnaire and complimentary consultation
Health questionnaire and complimentary consultation

Getting to know you

We believe in the wisdom of the body. Tell us how you feel in a simple questionnaire from the comfort of your home. No blood tests or expensive doctor visits involved.


Your personal profile analysis

We analyze your profile across a broad spectrum of physical and mental health symptoms and examine your current medication for possible interactions.

Mushroom supplement preparation
Mushroom supplement preparation

Blend preparation

Our certified mycotherapists prepare medicinal mushrooms into a customized blend, following a proprietary formula that closely addresses your wellbeing needs.

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