Our Story

CEO Welcome Message

The story of Omphoria reflects our personal quest for a supplement that would address a comprehensive spectrum of wellbeing needs. Our concept of wellbeing is grounded in the definition of World Health Organization (WHO)1, which sees it not merely as an absence of illness but as a perception of life going well. Our goal was to find a solution that would alleviate a range of issues we ourselves had, from anxiety and stress to inflammation, plus lift us towards being a better human. With this idea of a supplement we went on a quest.

Initially, we explored personalized supplements companies, but soon discovered that while their offerings were nutritionally and, to some extent, therapeutically beneficial, they lacked psychotherapeutic advantages.  Personalization was largely based on blood profiles, which had tenuous connections to mental health. By now, science has shown that for some vitamins and minerals such causal links exist (for instance the attribution of vitamin D defficiency to depressive symptoms2), however for many others rectifying for nutrient deficiencies would not lead to enhanced wellbeing. For instance, a person with low iron might experience fatigue but still feel a strong sense of wellbeing. Conversely, a perfect blood profile does not guarantee a contented life. Favorable blood, urine, and other biomarkers could even reassure a person of their wellbeing, diverting attention away from their true sense of self, relinquishing the agency over one’s own body and mind to a lab test.

We questioned: where was the holistic approach to wellbeing? Was there a supplement that would transcend biomarker data and treat individuals as more than numbers? It was this line of thought that led to the founding of Omphoria.

At Omphoria, we uphold the belief that the question 'How do you feel?' is paramount to understanding wellbeing. Our ethos revolves around the existence of an inner compass, aiding people in reestablishing trust in themselves, validating their feelings. We pose simple questions about stress levels, mental state, sleep quality, energy levels, digestion, and more, to paint a comprehensive and client-oriented picture. We select a combination of medicinal mushrooms most suitable for individual situation, harnessing the power of these centuries-trusted adaptogens that assist our bodies in reverting to a natural state of homeostasis.

Omphoria supplements do not seek to replace medical treatment, but to assist you in leading a more balanced life. Because you deserve to feel great. Because we are on a mission to revolutionize supplements with personalized blends for mental and physical wellbeing. Let the nature make you shine. 

1The World health report 2001: Mental health: new understanding, new hope
2Saji Parel N, Krishna P, Gupta A, et al. (April 21, 2022) Depression and Vitamin D: A Peculiar Relationship.

Our Team

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Alice Nuslova

CEO & Founder
Certified Mycotherapist with GFVS

Alice dedicated her life to understanding psychosomatics and diverse methods for healing ailments of the body and mind. After studying neuroscience and psychology of mental health at King's College London, earning a Hatha yoga teacher certificate, and attending more than 40 ceremonies using sacred plants, she discovered the power of medicinal mushrooms and made it her mission to bring them to broad masses of people. 

Alice holds a certificate in mycotherapy from GFVS Switzerland and Master’s degree in Strategy and International Management from HSG Switzerland. She spends her free time practically exploring the latest biohacking trends, horseback riding, and experimenting with new cooking recipes.

Antoni Gandia

Scientific Advisor

M.Sc. Cellular and Molecular Biology of Plants by the Polytechnic University of Valencia (2011), Antoni is a consultant and prolific research scientist specialized in fermentation and fungal biotechnology.

Antoni has worked as R&D scientist and CTO for several mycelium-based companies in the mycoprotein, mycoleather, and psychedelic sectors, including Ecovative Design (US), Mondo Mycologicals (NL), Tyroler Glückspilze (AT), Mogu (IT), and more recently Mimosa Therapeutics (NL). In parallel to his myco-industrial endeavors, Antoni actively collaborates with academic scientists exploring different fields of mycology, trying to bring to the public attention the multiple and fascinating applications of fungi.